Rung 8 is an IT Consulting firm based in Los Angeles. We specialize in system architecture scalability, and security. With extensive experience guiding startups, we aim to help our clients see maximum performance with minimum investment, with a strong focus on up-time and security.

Rung 8 has worked with top-tier clients and has seasoned experience in IT organization and documentation. When the IT auditors come knocking we know what they're looking for, and we make sure you're setup to tell the real story about your technology and how it works.

Our award-winning team has more than 75 years of combined web services experience. We always take care of familiarizing ourselves with every aspect of your project, from start to finish. Because we work in California, you can always conveniently contact and meet someone on our team to discuss your ideas and company. We offer you access to the brightest startup professionals in Los Angeles, who use their own real-life startup experience to help you do the same.